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Day* in an private room (dog/cat) - 85 PLN

(*a day of stay is counted from the day of arrival, if a pet stays in the Hotel from Saturday to  Sunday it is charged as two days of stay. The room will be ready from 7AM on the day of arival, pick up time is up until 7PM (if arrival or collection is required outside of these times please ring to discuss details)

Second pet in the same room- 40 PLN
Third pet in the same room 20 PLN – this is the maximum of pets in one room-

all pets must be from the same household.


We will not mix pets from various clients in one room! 

Form more demanding pets or for a larger group of pets from the same household  we offer a 

FAMILY ROOM comprising  of two standard rooms , the rates are:

One pet in Family room  170PLN / day

Second pet in Family room 60 PLN/ day
Third pet in Family room 30 PLN/ day
Fourth pet in  Family room 10 PLN/ day
Fifth pet free of charge

Eg. 3 pets in Family Room for the period of 22nd July until 24th July= 780 PLN

DayCare- 65PLN (times are 7AM to 7PM)

***If your pet requires cooked food, please ring us in advance to discuss menu and rates.

Females in heat- 20% surcharge to standard rate

(payable also when heat starts during say at the Hotel)

Females with puppies- please ring for rates

We do not accept pets in poor healt condition to stay at our hotel,

Our Hotel is looked after by a nearny Vet Clinic, in case of an emergency your pet will receive professional vet help- all veterinary costs incurred while treatment are the sole responsibility of the owner. 

Long weekends and bank holidays - 20% surcharge to standard rate.

For the New Year's Eve/ New Year's Day we package stay:

New Year's Eve/New Years Day Package:
Due to fireworks season all pets must  arrive at the Hotel before the fireworks start on the 30th of December to minimise the stress for more sensitive pets. Pick up is  on 2nd of Jauary. For this package the standard rate with 35% surcharge applies.

Eg. 30th Dec to 2nd Jan = 4 days x 85 PLN + 35% = 459 PLN

We accept ViSA/ MasterCard payments. Please let us know in advance if you require a VAT invoice.

All fees due must be paid on arrival. The owner must sign  a contract  of Entrustment of care of an animal to the Hotel.

For bookings please ring 511-218-750

To book a pet's stay a deposit of 25% of the total amount is required (EFT transfer, cash or card payment).

The remaining amount is payable upon signing the contract on  arrival.

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